Anniversary Blend

It’s fall and that means that Starbucks’ Anniversary Blend is out.  This is one of my favorite coffees from Starbucks.  I look forward to it every year and usually buy three bags of the stuff to last me for a few months. This year’s batch was recommended to me by my favorite barista as being exceptionally good.  Here’s what is says about the taste on

Region: Asia/Pacific
Tasting Notes: Smooth and spicy with a butter and caramel finish
Flavor Intensity: Extra bold

Unfortunately, I don’t agree.  I like that Starbucks is a burnt roast coffee.  I like the syrupy taste this gives their coffees.  In this coffee, however, that’s all there is.  It’s smooth, yes.  I don’t notice any extra spiciness that you wouldn’t find in a normal Sumatra.  I certainly didn’t notice a butter and caramel finish.  It’s a one-note coffee, but it’s a very good one-note.  I can’t recommend this coffee for its subtlety of taste.  Honestly, I think you would be better served just buying the regular Sumatra.

Tomorrow: Ever 17, The Beginning
Next week: A seasonal coffee beverage worth cheering about.

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