The perils of blogging

I know anyone who has a blog already understands this, but I don’t care.  I have a rant to get off of my chest.  I’ve made a few entries to this blog already.  So far, only one of them has a reply.  This does not bother me.  I didn’t expect a large readership, especially at this point.  What bothers me is that over 90 percent of the responses have been a) spam or b) auto-generated.  Fortunately, the auto-generated ones get taken care of without my input.  But, the spam ones I either have to allow by default or review them each personally before deciding whether to post them or not.  What a pain that is.  What’s even funnier is that all of this spam has only been on the opening post.  None on later posts.  Odd.

Oh, and my computer is making funny noises.

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