Ever 17

Ever 17 is a visual novel from Japan.  Thankfully, there is a PC version in English.   This introduced me to the computer game I love the most of all the games I’ve ever played.  I can’t recommend this game enough.

Yes there are slow parts.  Yes it’s confusing – at least until you solve it.  No, there’s not a lot of animation.  The payoff is worth it.  It’s worth paying whatever the price is for an old copy.  No, you can’t have mine.

They’re doing a remake for Xbox.  It’s in Japanese only.  This makes me consider both buying an Xbox for myself and learning to read Japanese.  It’s that good.

What’s Ever 17 about?  Six people are trapped in an underwater theme park due to an accident.  Can they get out before it’s too late?  There are two playable male characters and each character has two main paths, focusing on one of the female characters.  Each path has a good ending and a bad ending.  Going through all of these opens up a final path.  That’s where the payoff is.  I had a lot of fun trying to figure out what’s going on before the final path.

Find it.  Buy it.  Play it.

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